Being an agile web developer

Being an agile web developer is about being able to:

  1. Deliver software quickly.
  2. Being flexible in prioritising features.
  3. Delivering with quality. is a consists of the following knowledge bytes:

  1. Technical bytes of web development knowledge.
  2. Management bytes of software development process.
  3. Social bytes with collaborators and readers.

Technical Bytes – Moulding The Superhero In You

Whilst we get inspired and excited on how great products and ideas are created, what really makes things possible is the unspoken thousand hours of hard coding happening behind the scenes. This blog aims to cover the following range of technical topics:

  1. LEMP Stack.
    • Ubuntu, Nginx, MySQL, PHP
  2. PHP Frameworks.
  3. Technical cookbook or recipes.
    • Articles that are useful for setting up environments to improve productivity.
    • Programming techniques on style and performance.

Target audience: From being Steve Rogers to Captain America in the web development field.

Management Bytes – Managing a Team of Super Heroes

Managing a team to accomplish a common task. We discuss agile software processes and introduce various tools that helps to accomplish this:

  1. Agile processes.
    • Scrum, Kanban
  2. Tools on software project management.
    • Confluence, Jira, Trello, Asana
  3. Metrics on software development.
    • Story points, velocity improvement.

Target audience: Managing team Avengers consisting of Captain America, Iron Man, and friends in the web development field.

Social Bytes – Building a Community of Super Heroes and Team

Whenever there are at least two people working on a project, communication on the code itself is important to improve productivity of developers.

Please feel free to drop a line and mingle with fellow developers or visitors in this site and hopefully we can sculpt a better world together.

Target audience: Every superhero in the world.

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