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Welcome to It turns out that starting a blog is not difficult at all. The hardest question of all, is deciding on the blog topic. This is very important as all your setup choices depend on this decision. Let’s take this blog as a live example.

Decision #1 – Topic

Choice: Sharing my web development journey

Once you have made this decision, you can brainstorm for the domain name. A good domain name is one that is relevant to your topic. Also important is the keywords that are related to your topic. This is crucial when you want to attain a higher SEO score. If you plan to sell pizzas, choose a name related to pizza for your domain name. Do keep in mind domain name consisting of common names are popular. For me, I am using bytes as a representation of my thoughts and lessons learnt in my journey. Hence,

Decision #2 – Getting a domain

Choice: GoDaddy

Now that I have a domain name, we have to purchase it. I bought my previous domain from Namecheap. While the support was ok, I don’t think their hosting is reliable enough. This time, price is my biggest consideration. I checked for different options, and settled for GoDaddy which offers the best price for

Pro tip: Enter GoDaddy by Ads in google search. The promotion discount is applied automatically. This saves you money.

Decision #3 – Choose a platform


I intend to blog, and blog means WordPress. However, there is a distinction within WordPress.

Hosting is managed on your behalf. Hence you focus solely on the content. provides flexibility in the form of plugins. However this meant I need to find a hosting platform myself.

Decision #4 – Hosting

Choice: Digital Ocean

In terms of hosting, you are spoilt with options. There are two key things to consider here, which is price and control. I need root access to a machine at the cheapest price and also have a preference for cloud hosting. Which means that my options are AWS, Google App Engine, Azure or Digital Ocean. Hence, I picked the cheapest option out of the 4.

Decision #5 – First Post

Choice: Liftoff!

Once you have made the first 4 decisions, you will need to put everything together. Then write a post and off you go with a minimalist WordPress blog!

There you have it, the first of many.

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