HTTPS: Secure your site

It’s official. is now secured with https protocol.

Benefits of HTTPS

The main reason for using HTTPS over HTTP is to secure website communications. This is important when transferring sensitive information across the internet. Currently this blog is purely informational, and hence there really is no real need to secure any user data. However, I always feel that little bit of secure when visiting secure sites as compared to HTTP ones. Hence making this leap will give intangible confidence to readers of the site.

I discovered recently where secure websites has an advantage in SEO rankings. This gives further reason to explore the journey of moving to HTTPS. One of my key objectives in this stage is to drive traffic into this site, hence this step is one in the right direction.

Free SSL Certificates

The main deterrent to moving to secure websites is price. However, with Let’s encrypt, this is no longer a problem. Digital Ocean has a comprehensive tutorial to made the switch easy. With about 20 minutes of configuration, you will get the sweet taste of success.

SSL lab result for


Https is not a silver bullet. But the advantages of having it are clear. It is free. Let’s secure your site now!!



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